The people behind Gulf Stream Docks have decades of experience servicing the marine industry.  Our focus has always been on creating a great customer experience by offering high quality solutions at a fair price with innovative products that fill real needs.

For nearly 10 years we have been providing superior design and implementation of a wide variety of modular floating dock projects ranging from simple swim platforms to complex marina and work platform systems.  For some, we know that modular floating docks can be confusing or just simply unfamiliar.  Through this website and any other communication with you we strive to be clear, concise and informative to provide information that will make your understanding of modular floating docks in general and our product line in particular complete and straightforward.

And now we are pleased to offer what we consider to be the most robust modular docking system available.  Gulf Stream docks are made with the highest quality HDPE material including the highest U.V. protection available.  The unique side of float connecting system provides for significantly greater internal holding power and, coupled with the stability bars on the outside perimeter, Gulf Stream Docks provides an extremely stable dock surface. Click here to learn more. 

Gulf Stream Docks can be configured in just about any size or shape.  They can be reconfigured as your needs change.  They are easy to assemble and move.  And, they have a 20 plus year life expectancy and come with a limited lifetime warranty.  If you have any questions or would like to request further information please Click here.